2006 Ford Expedition
Duty 76 is used by our duty officer to go directly to the scene and establish command and report pertinent information to incoming units. Duty 76 is equipped with radios, water can, fire extinguisher, SCBA, accountablility and command materials.
1999 Seagrave
Engine 7-6-2 was purchased by the Silver Spring Fire & Rescue Company in 1999 with the knowledge that the merger was going through to form the West Hempfield Fire & Rescue Company in January 2000. Knowing this, the engine was painted and lettered for the new department despite actually going in service for a few months as Engine 7-13-2. Engine 2 is our front line fire fighting piece. It is first out on dwellings and most other fire natured calls. Engine 2 has seating for 6 including 5 SCBA seats. The cab has a 10 inch raise for ease of movement inside and the pump is side mounted with a 1000 gallon water tank. Engine 2 has three 1-3/4″ preconnected lines, two of which can flow Class A foam, and a 2-1/2 preconnected line off the sides. Off the rear, there is a Blitzfire stepgun preconnected to 3″ hose, one 1-3/4″ preconnect, one 2-1/2″ preconnect, 5″ hose, and two sections of hard suction. Engine 2 is very well equiped including a 35ft extention ladder, 14 ft roof ladder, 10 ft closet ladder, chain saw, K-12 saw, positive and negative pressure fans, extinguishers, hooks, and pike poles.
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  2008 Spartan/SVI
Rescue 7-6 was purchased by West Hempfield Fire & Rescue in 2009 after many years of hard work by the Rescue Committee. The Rescue has seating for 7 personnel and with 6 SCBA seats and an additional SCBA for the driver located in a compartment. The primary function of the Rescue is for vehicle accidents, but is well equipped to handle other calls such as fires, industrial and environmental rescues, RIT, haz-mat, and much more.  The Rescue has 5 preconnected Hurst Hydraulic tools. In the front bumper will be a spreader and a cutter, and in the rear officer’s side compartment will be a spreader, a cutter, and a combi tool. There are also 3 hydraulic rams of various sizes and another spreader that are not preconnected. Each tool is hooked up to a 100ft hydraulic reel, but for further distances or extreme circumstances the Rescue has 2 portable gas power units with hoses that can power 2 tools each. In addition to the Hurst tools the Rescue carries a large quantity of other equipment needed for vehicle accidents. The Rescue carries 4 large and 2 small stabilization struts, a large quantity of various sizes of cribbing, sawzalls, tool boxes, brooms and shovels, and an oil dry hopper capable of holding several hundred pounds of oil dry. Other rescue related equipment the rescue carries include a large compliment of airbags, air chisels and air tools, chain saws, circular saws, water rescue equipment, and rope rescue equipment.  The Rescue has a 500 gallon pump with a 500 gallon water tank plus a –gallon class A foam and a –gallon class B Foam tank. There are 3 preconnected handlines on the Rescue, two being 1 3/4″  and one 2 1/2″ lines. It also carries multiple extinguishers and water cans along with positive and negative pressure fans. There is an onboard cascade system to fill SCBA cylinders. The cascade system has 4 6000psi cylinders and has a fill station capable of filling two cylinders at the same time. In addition to everything listed the Rescue also carries a variety of addition tools, hooks. pike poles, and most of what we would need on any call. The Rescue will be certified as a QRS and be capable of responding on QRS calls when the need arises. The Rescue has many capabilities and is our busiest apparatus at WHFR, responding on calls ranging from vehicle accidents, to fires, rescues, gas leaks, and haz-mat calls. This Rescue was well planned out and will serve West Hempfield and it’s surrounding communities for many years to come.
 2014 Kenworth/Four Guys

Tanker 76 was purchased recently from 4 Guys Fire Trucks of Myersdale, PA. The unit was delivered in August 2014 and placed in service during September 2014. The Tanker is on a 2014 Kenworth chassis with a 3,500 gallon water tank. Pumping capacity is 1,500 gallons per minute (GPM). There are two crosslays of 1/34 hose and 500 feet of 5 inch Large Diameter Hose (LDH). Equipped with a Porta Tank, a remote control deluge deck gun, breathing apparatus and all necessary tools. Tanker has all sides dumping of water capability.

Tanker1        Tanker4          Tanker3      Tanker2

 SQUAD 76-1
2001 Ford F550
Squad 7-6-1 was purchased in 2002 by West Hempfield Fire & Rescue to replace the old squad originally from Sliver Spring. Squad 1 has seating for up to 5 people in the cab and has a custom Delmarva utility bed. The Squad is used on ems calls as our QRS(Quick Response Service) which responds to all class 1 and 2 medical calls in our first due area of West Hempfield Township. As a fire piece the squad is used to haul man power and equipment, along with refreshments. On the officers side of the utility bed, all of the medical bags and equipment are kept to be used on QRS calls and vehicle crashes. On the drivers side, mostly fire fighting equipment is contained including cribbing, fire extinguishers, and various hand tools. The coffin compartments on top contain water rescue equipment (including a life ring, rope throw bags, and PFD’s), rope rescue equipment (harnesses, rope bags, and accessories), a chain saw, bag or board splints, KED board, and 4 SCBA. Underneath the floor of the bed are two slide out drawers.  These drawers contain back boards and a stokes basket, brooms, hooks, rakes, and other hand tools.
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2000 Ford F350
Squad 7-6-2 was purchased by West Hempfield Fire & Rescue and is used by our fire police. Squad 2 carries a large cache of cones, barricades, signs, and other traffic control items. Having all of the equipment available in one vehicle allows for speedy and easy set up of traffic control by our fire police to help keep us safe out there.
dsc05034-small.JPG          dsc05028-small.JPG
   Ranger 76 is a 2008 Polaris Ranger ATV. The Ranger has seating for up to 6 personnel, a front mounted winch, a skid unit for brush fires, underseat storage, and has been modified for allow for easier patient treatment during rescue situations. With many hard to access points in the township such as Lake Grubb and Chickies Rock in the township, a small off road capable unit such as Ranger 76 will help WHFR better serve our community. The unit is hauled in a 20ft enclosed trailer which is towed by Squad 76-1.




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