West Hempfield Fire & Rescue is committed to reviewing farm, residential, commercial and industrial buildings, parks and waterways to plan "what ifs" before an emergency happens.  These plans are called pre-fire plans, or preplans.  The process usually begins with filling out the form following this paragraph and submitting it to our preplan officer (instructions are included with the form).  A follow up tour by the fire company may then be arranged.  The finished preplan usually includes maps, utility, and hazardous material information and the number of people on site.  We suggest this information is updated annually, or whenever a major change occurs on the site.


    The fire company has purchased laptops and software to integrate the preplans, maps and gps data in an easily accessible package.  The software is from the Iron Compass Map Company, a company found and located in Lancaster County.  The pictures below show the mapping software in action.  The address of the call is typed in on the left pane, which places the yellow dot on the map over the building.  The green dot represents the fire truck as it approaches the scene.  If a preplan is saved for the location, a red triangle may be clicked on to access the plan. 

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